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While you want to cut your sales cost, your buyers want the best price!

Numerous marketing research reports and surveys show that 80-90% of B2B sellers want to automate their manual sales efforts while 80%+ of buyers choose to do their own web research and want self-serve websites over talking to sales representatives.  In addition,  6o% buyers consider pricing as their very first criteria affecting buying decisions.

Introducing a virtual sales-bot that interacts with your buyers and negotiates in an automated way to increase your sales conversion.  RoboNegotiator provides Negotiation As a Service (NaaS) in the form of this plugin for your own website. Customers demand liberty on how and when they want to connect with you and we as RoboNegotiator can provide you a virtual salesperson for every product. 

There is nothing better than to get the love of your buyers at the very initial touchpoint in the sales cycle.

How RoboNegotiator helps?

First ever Automated Negotiation Solution for E-Commerce

An AI based Automated Service you’ll need to grow your e-commerce business.

Grow Sales

Adding another sales channel to your repertoire, so that you can scale up your monthly, quarterly and yearly targets.

Engage Your Online Visitors

Converting visitors to buyers who would have otherwise left without buying due to prices.

Sales Automation

Define your negotiation parameters, automate unbiased negotiation, and achieve 24×7 Operational Excellence.

Data Driven Decision Making

Collect counter-offers, buyer’s data, market data, and offer 360-degree insight into Deal Intelligence, Buyer Behaviour, & Negotiation Predictions.

Provide Virtual Salesperson

Our automated sales-bot lets your users ask product related questions, provides feedback and checks for a special pricing/ deal.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

The front end Javascript plugin makes it acceptable and easily executed on any platform or front end technology.

Few Clicks & You Are Ready

Compatible with all major e-commerce platforms

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Negotiation has been an important but one of the most ignored aspects of e-commerce sales and we make Online Negotiations easy for Buyers and Sellers. We serve as negotiation experts for buyers and sellers in the e-Commerce space enabling online negotiation on sellers’ websites and providing a way for website visitors to counteroffer.

By matching serious buyers to the seller, we enable profit for sellers and value for buyers with our tailor-made software to suit your needs, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

What the Early Adopters are saying

“Have been using their Beta version for 3 weeks in my dealership & already have 2 deals that I would have not gotten, if the software wasn’t there”.

Director – Procurement

“Awesome- autopilot mode closed a few deals and helped me in the Corona times when my sales were down and team was not readily available”.

Owner – Chalkstick

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