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Anonymous & Automated Negotiations.
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Solutions We Provide

Marketplace for buying a car

Discover our new or used cars catalog and finalize the price remotely. No need to talk to any salesperson.

Marketplace for selling cars

Private parties and dealerships can list their vehicles to engage with our community to active and interested buyers.

Digital Sales Assistants (Plugin)

Integrate our APIs or plugin in your own website and save in marketing, lead generation and sales cost. Sell More!!

Current Car Negotiations Are PAINFUL

Buyers Don't Trust Dealers

61% feel they’re taken advantage of
while buying at an automotive dealership. 1

Car Buying at Dealer Takes Too Long

Of the 3-hours average time spent at the dealer during the purchase process, more than half of that time is spent negotiating or doing paperwork. 2

Customer Communication is Awful

Dealers average response time is 9.2 hours and OEMs average time is around 24 hours. 3

The Need for Negotiation

Ninety-four percent would buy a car from a dealership where they were guaranteed to save thousands off of sticker price on a new vehicle. 4

Better Car Negotiations Start Here


Search Our Catalog

Search for vehicles, get their details and finalize the sales price through our AI chatbot. No need to talk to any person.


Settle on Price

Use our online negotiation tool - Select applicable discounts, give your counteroffer, finalize the price, and get the voucher with all deal terms clearly listed.


Finish Formalities

Contact the seller with a voucher on hand, check your car, pay and pick up the car from the seller or have it delivered to you.

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What is RoboNegotiator?

NaaS™ (n. Negotiation – as – a – Service) A dynamic pricing engine enhanced with patent pending machine learning technology provides automated, optimal, and faster successful customer negotiations.