Buy Your Next Car Online. Hassle-Free.

We work with selected car dealers who prefer to sell you honestly & transparently. 

You finalize all deal terms including price negotiations online and generate a final certificate.

Meet up with the dealer with a final certificate and finish remaining formalities.   


How are we different?

We take your PRIVACY seriously.

Most dealerships want your personal contact details as soon as you start your online journey.

We don’t share your contact details with a dealer unless it is necessary. Your privacy is our focus.


They say time is money. We save you both here.

You can negotiate most of the times and will pay less  usually and with all deal terms finalized remotely, you will spend less time at the dealership. 

Not another DIGITAL RETAILING tool.

Most dealerships offer some kind of Digital Retailing option which is more like funneling the sales process.

We are different two ways:
1) We tend to focus on closing the deal  instead of handing you off to a sales person
2) Prices are not fixed in our solution and you can negotiate too. 

Our Car Inventory

You can finalize price and buy any of these cars from your home and generate a final certificate

Current Car Buying Process Is PAINFUL

Buyers Don't Trust Dealers

87% car buyers feel that dealers are not fair in their dealings while buying at an automotive dealership. 1

Car Buying at Dealer Takes Too Long

Of the 3-hours average time spent at the dealer during the purchase process, more than half of that time is spent negotiating or doing paperwork. 2

Customer Communication is Awful

Dealers average response time is 9.2 hours and OEMs average time is around 24 hours. 3

The Need for Expert Negotiation

Ninety-four percent would buy a car from a dealership where they were guaranteed to save thousands off of sticker price on a new vehicle. 4

Buying a car is not only about price Negotiations


Discover the Vehicle

Find your next vehicle anonymously without going to a dealership or providing any information to a salesperson.


Finalize the Deal Online (Rebates, Finance, Protections, Trade-In)

We let you finalize rebates, protections, trade-in valuation, finance deal and all from home without needing to talk a sales person.


Finish the Formalities

Take our unambiguous certificate with all clear deal terms to your car dealer, ensure compliance, and finalize delivery logistics.

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What is RoboNegotiator?

NaaS™ (n. Negotiation – as – a – Service) a patent pending machine learning powers our expert negotiation engine helps interested buyers anonymously find, and then painlessly close a better, more fair deal.