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AI-Based RoboNegotiator Plugin Allows Automated Price Negotiations for E-commerce and Automobile Sales

(May 23, 2020) – Welcome to the world of automated online negotiations. The future is arriving one step at a time, and for E-commerce, the next step is RoboNegotiator, the first automated negotiation plugin that can also work as a virtual salesman. RoboNegotiator makes for a great option for the auto industry and e-commerce players to begin with, allowing them more conversions without ever missing a customer.

RoboNegotiator allows any e-commerce store to automate its sales through its virtual sales-bot, with guaranteed increase in conversion rates. The industry statistics on price negotiations reveal the reason – pricing occupies the topmost ladder of checkpoints with over 62% online shoppers.


By easily integrating RoboNegotiator (it works on all major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, ZenCart, OpenCart and Magento), website owners and companies can engage visitors and potential buyers, and not force them away due to price considerations. Most sites offer customer support chatbot but RoboNegotiator now provides product level sales-bot that also negotiates. Other benefits include sales automation, reduced inventory and data analytics.  RoboNegotiator employs cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable business intelligence and negotiation forecasting.


RoboNegotiator heralds the age of negotiation as a service. The plugin currently focuses on automobile and B2C e-commerce players, allowing for 24/7 deal closure within seller defined rules and parameters.

There is a way to avoid using the two most dangerous words in business today – “NO” and “YES”, says Dhaval Shah, Founder, RoboNegotiator.


With RoboNegotiator, a win-win situation is created through negotiation, which leads to the matching of serious buyers and sellers. The plugin with front-end JavaScript can work across platforms and can be integrated into any website without any backend hassles, or into an app using secured REST APIs.


RoboNegotiator is a patent pending innovation and ready for launch in the USA. The company welcomes inquiries for Beta partnerships for a win-win relationship.


Along with RoboNegotiator, the company has also launched its investment offering. Interestingly, investors can now see the tool in action themselves on the website. The official site of RoboNegotiator is self-serving and equipped with negotiation capabilities, so investors can get a feel of the product themselves as they go about negotiating online through the chatbot!

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Dhaval Shah