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Can AI sales bot do better negotiation than humans?

Artificial intelligence has helped us optimize numerous business operations and everyday activities. A simple bot on an e-commerce platform can bid even at the last second. You can install negotiation support systems to aid humans during negotiation, or you can have the AI sales bot take control of the complete process. A bot can indeed optimize a mundane manual-intensive task, but how about negotiation, where information, emotion, communication style, and convincing are essential?


Consistency and accuracy with AI sales bot

Negotiation is about using the information to alter the buying behavior of the customers. If the used car dealerships have a model to sell, a bot could identify statistics and information about the model, spare parts, engine, and other specifications within a few seconds. It can also compare data with other models with accuracy. Since the AI sales bot calculates every piece of information, there is no chance of delivering inaccurate information. Thus, the client might find it trustworthy, making it easier to reach a win-win situation easily.

Information-rich negotiation with AI sales bot

An AI negotiation bot uses standard information like studies, figures, and facts in different manners to negotiate with varying parties. This negotiation style is more likely to reduce the overall time taken for a negotiation to reach sales. On the other hand, it is also possible to reduce the documentation complexity as the bot can generate information whenever needed. A bot can utilize information based on past deals, present preferences, customer persona, production cycle, quality incidences, logistic issues, research, similar deals on the internet, local laws, and so on. The bot can prepare its negotiation data without any human interference.

Evolving AI sales bot

Negotiation bots might be information-intensive today, but developers have already created bots that can throw in a little make-believe to boost the demand. 75% of the companies, according to a report, believe that bots are yet to reach their full potential. It is possible to do so with machine learning techniques. However, such steep growth is not likely with humans in the negotiation genre.

AI sales bot does not have burnouts

A bot can handle hundreds of negotiations without wear and tear. However, humans get frustrated, tired, or even have fits of outbursts, which might drive away a loyal customer or a potential client. AI sales bot can deliver repetitive requests, a prompt reply, and accurate information, all day long.

No misjudgment or stereotypical assumption

Many businesses, especially the autotrader USA companies, are filled with stereotypes, which are statistically proven wrong. Such stereotypes can lead the negotiator to misjudge the client, leading to a loss of sales, a bad reputation, or even legal consequences. For instance, when a male and female customer walks into a used car dealership, the human salesperson might find it profitable to spend more time and interest on the male customer. However, a negotiator bot does not fall for such stereotypical assumptions, although it analyses each buyer persona, behavior, and ways to utilize those assumptions to alter the buying decision process.


Suppose a business plans to add a few more product types to the inventory. In that case, the bot can easily adapt to the new products and devise a negotiation pattern based on the product’s specifications. However, a human would need days of learning those specifications and should be alert to avoid confusing the specification of different products. Is it a festival season? The larger walk-in crowd is not a problem for a negotiator bot.

Long term perspective

Bots, AI sales bot, can be programmed to negotiate to create a customer relationship in the long run. Also, bots can integrate information from other departments like finance, inventory management, and others and alter the negotiation.

When one looks at the overall scenario, it is but a rosy picture that is painted for the future of the negotiation-capable bot which can drive up your business several levels without a hitch.

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Dhaval Shah