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Christmas is arriving early for the Car-Dealers!

Have you tried out the Negotiator Bot for car dealers yet?

If you haven’t then you are missing out on the best!


The RoboNegotiator is smartly designed and is a self-learning bot that will give you and your clients the easiest experience of their life. The negotiations are done keeping in mind all the parameters and rules that are set by you. It will lead to an increase the sales assuredly and the bot has the intelligence to weigh the pros and cons accordingly for achieving that goal.

RoboNegotiator makes the bottom swell by reducing the sales price but increasing the volume of sales and thus the overall revenue generated. The chatbot automation gathers information itself and converses with the people with its artificial intelligence in such a way that the client can also feel they are getting a better deal.

Once implemented, a stark contrast will be revealed between the data of the sales before and after using RoboNegotiatior Analytics. The Negotiator Bot for car dealers has the ability to improve the sales, by a respectable percentage per month. RoboNegotiator also tries to bring your cost price down using strategies like retargeting and by driving more traffic towards your website.

An automated chatbot for car dealers helps people to understand the policies better and gives them a support virtually that is required by most people, it answers their queries and offers them with solutions and options additionally, so that they can first-hand experience and understand the utility and advantages of your company.

After using the RoboNegotiator for just a few days, companies can witness a noticeable growth in their profits.

By conducting a dispassionate assessment of the negotiations, RoboNegotiator is able to quickly close a deal. And the best benefit is that it can deal with many negotiations at the same time, which certainly any human salesman cannot possibly do. If 10 customers are talking to it from 10 locations of USA using their mobiles or computers, all of them will get equal attention and best responses as each customer will be talking to the bots separate user-interface separately on their respective devices, , thus working as 10 salesmen at the same time, which makes it far better equipped to close many more deals at the same time. You can also try the demo product and get a better understanding before getting your hands on it.

With the benefits of RoboNegotiator at your disposal, you will certainly feel Christmas has arrived early and Santa is delivering gifts just to you!

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Dhaval Shah