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a Win-Win 

Our Mission

We believe any e-commerce can grow with a conscience if it has an intent to go for a win-win for all — and that it can do by empowering its sales systems with a channel beyond just a Yes or No. Negotiations would play an integral part in the future of e-commerce and we intend to reduce the barriers to deal closure – making e-commerce a win-win for everyone.

While we have a loftier vision to assist in complex business negotiations, we have laid down the foundation for sellers and buyers to expedite and automate negotiation through our patent pending software.

Leadership Team 

We have an entire team of e-commerce evangelists ready to assist you in positively impacting your e-commerce’s top line.

Dhaval Shah

CTO & Founder

Master’s in Computer Science


Thousand Oaks, CA

Steve Hufford

SVP, Business Operations



Portland, OR

Dave Raun


BSEE, Strategic Marketing Corporate Governance

San Francisco, CA

John Rix

VP- BusiNess Development

BSCE, UOFA with 17 Patents



Our Story

As an e-commerce specialist and a frugal buyer himself, Dhaval considers himself a resourceful and also a deal finder. Being technologically savvy, Dhaval always examined a pattern in the way people shop online today – why they buy and why they don’t.  In his mind, reason was simple. Most websites offer only two choices to price-conscious buyers. Buy at full price or walk away.  There was no way for buyer to haggle, negotiate or give any kind of counteroffer. 4-8% conversion rate across eCommerce platforms validated his concern.


Today’s online shopper, no longer tolerates any compromise on the checkpoints they have made and pricing (62%) has always been on the top rung of that checkpoint ladder. Dhaval wanted an answer – is there anything more than a just YES or NO in an e-commerce sales cycle? His past car purchase experiences at automobile dealerships also made him realize that negotiation needs to be emotion free and expedited.


From this – a concept is born: RoboNegotiator – software based negotiation service, the notion that platforms/companies don’t directly want to indulge but clearly understand its capacity to change the course of any sales.


Giving the power to buy and sell “actively” on an online platform – Dhaval and his wife launched RoboNegotiator – an end-to-end SaaS based customizable automated negotiation platform that takes care of most of your sales work, so your staff can do other important things.  They wanted to work with sellers unlike some other competitors who work with buyers first and then find sellers.



The Platform

With an expertly-designed automated negotiation platform – RoboNegotiator has everything for you need to automate your online sales with a new yet long-tested channel of negotiations.

Why RoboNegotiator ?

Guaranteed Increased Conversion Rate

e-commerce Sales Automation

Sales Channel Expansion

Unbiased Negotiation

Business Intelligence incorporation

Reduced Inventory

Automated negotiations

Product negotiations without the hassle

Supports all major platforms

Never miss a customer

Our Director quotes 

There is a way to avoid using the two most dangerous words in business today – “NO” and “YES”

Dhaval Shah


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