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Why don’t customers purchase cars like they buy products on Amazon or Groupon, even with an AI sales bot?

The AI sales bot on Amazon recommends a product list based on your search history and preferences. You pick the one you like, click on ‘add to cart,’ and the product reaches you with no complications. Or, the bot on Groupon would suggest you coupons based on the geographical location and your preferences. You click on a coupon, claim it at the vendor site, and enjoy your discounts. This might sound simple, but it is not possible if you are talking about used car deals or new car purchases.

Qualities of price conscious buyers that your virtual sales assistant needs to know

Your virtual sales assistant can be modified based on your business mission and made to enact in a pre-programmed way for each type of customer. How do you want the bot to approach a B2B client, price conscious buyer, or a teenager looking for his first car? Your AI negotiator is as good as your marketing strategy. To formulate a fail-proof plan for the same, you need to understand the qualities of your customers. Of all the personas, the hardest nut to crack is the price conscious customers.

Do B2B and B2C need to have different sales strategies for finding a low-cost and effective way to boost sales?

A customer, whether he is a brand representative or an individual, is a customer. Why do we need to think of a different low-cost and efficient sales strategies to boost sales? If you choose to adopt the strategy that works for a luxury-loving client to sell to a cost-conscious client, you will fail. When sales strategies have to alter even between personas, it is obvious that B2B and B2C need unique selling tactics.

Can AI sales bot do better negotiation than humans?

Artificial intelligence has helped us optimize numerous business operations and everyday activities. A simple bot on an e-commerce platform can bid even at the last second. You can install negotiation support systems to aid humans during negotiation, or you can have the AI sales bot take control of the complete process. A bot can indeed optimize a mundane manual-intensive task, but how about negotiation, where information, emotion, communication style, and convincing are essential?

Roadblock for Sales Chatbot to automate the most important part of sales – the negotiation

Negotiation is a fundamental business process since the age when the barter system was relevant. Since then, negotiation has changed in several ways. Science has developed negotiation theories, methods, types, and even generated prediction models to understand how each party behaves. This led to the introduction of AI into the field to create negotiation tools such as a sales chatbot.


Among the numerous automotive marketing tactics, cutting prices is one of the commonly used strategies. It could be a temporary reduction in the price as a discount or offers, or you could sell at a relatively lower price than your competitors. It is possible to adopt multiple strategies with the help of AI negotiation bots to suit different customer persona. However, most of the companies prefer to adopt the pricing strategy to create attention. How good of a strategy is cutting prices?

Are software based negotiation tools really necessary?

Technology has changed communication channels, methods, and the dynamics during a conversation. Some brands have moved past the conventional human negotiation and bots to full-fledged software-based negotiation tools. Automating human tasks and delegating it to a robot or software has its own advantages. But, is it really necessary to alter the entire workflow to incorporate a software-based negotiation tools?

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