RoboNegotiator and Car Dealerships

  • Digital Retailing and Direct to Consumers sales are the new trends. Your website needs to more than generating leads.
  • Most buyers want to buy from home, do not want to meet sales people and prefer to protect their privacy. 
  • Sellers need to make money while informed buyers save & outsource their negotiation needs. 
  • Save on Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales Cost. Don’t compromise on your revenue or profit margin. Decide your sales rules.
  • Integrate our APIs or install our AI/NLP chatbot or use our Marketplace to sell directly to consumers through innovative way. 

Why RoboNegotiator?

Attract Buyers prefering buying from home

Sales Automation

Generate More Qualified Leads

24×7 Sales from your website & our Marketplace

Use it for one car or all cars / Quick Integration

Sell More Cars. Get new buyers to your doorsteps.

Our differentiating / features

Gain Customized Insights

Automated Negotiations

Your sales staff have better things to do. Use us to sell more and to automate your sales process.

We have a "Smart Buyers Group" ready to negotiate and hungry for the special deals. Use RoboNegotiator and be in front of them.

Our multi dimension AI driven Price Recommendation

Kelly's Blue Book

Black Book

Vin Solution

V12 Software


Automated Dealership Operations

Connect with your dealership’s preferred Dealer Management Systems (DMS), Website Providers, CRMs, Digital Retailing Software and More!

Our development team is available for personalized consulting to streamline your dealership’s workflows and avoid any business disruptions.

Carry on your current business while trying to sell few cars through us.

Free Beta for 2021!

We are offering free 4-6 months for trying our NaaS software/ APIs/Marketplace to any sellers. Contact Us for your no risk trial.

Coming Soon

Our AI/NLP based Virtual Sales Assistant Software (next version of chatbot) will do:

  1.  Converses with online buyers in natural language
  2.  Answers questions about a specific car
  3.  Schedules a test drive appointment
  4.  Negotiates a final price & payment terms

Smart Buyers Group

We have a Smart Buyers Group. They are waiting for your deals! As soon as we integrate RoboNegotiator in your website, we inform them.