Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A. We believe in transparency, honesty and ease of doing business and  hence we offer  a way for sellers and buyers to finalize the price of a car through our innovative AI tool.  We want buyers to save money while sellers to make money while reducing marketing cost, lead generation cost and sales cost. 

No need to talk to each other. Your data & contact details are secured until you finalize the price.

A. For limited time, we are offering free listing so you can list your car for free. We will introduce buyers only after they have agreed to pay your price.
We don’t charge buyers.  You can negotiate the price and save absolutely free.

A. No. We take buyer’s privacy seriously and do not share their contact details with the sellers unless we have your permission. You will not get emails or texts until you finalize the price for the car you are buying.

A. We use up to 9 parameters to finalize a win-win price an unbiased way.
Our AI chatbot considers your purchase price, seller’s sales price and other conditions before finalizing the price in a win-win way. When your counteroffer is a little short of seller’s expected price, we let you and seller negotiate directly with each other through emails/text messages. We also decline your counteroffer if it is too low.

A. Once you finalize the price for a car through our AI chatbot, both the parties are sent a voucher with clear deal terms. Buyer takes that voucher to the seller and finishes remaining formalities. No need to negotiate a new price again.

A. Seller will get a negative review which will impact the ability to do business again.
Like other online commerce sites, we will let you review the sellers/dealerships and provide your comments. We will share those reviews and comments with other buyers.

A. Since this site helps buyers and sellers decide the final price considering all discounts, upsell and other options, you can sell/buy new cars as well as used cars through this site. Depending on options set by the seller, you can negotiate a lease, finance options (monthly installment) or cash price.

A. Yes. As long as the seller/dealer offers loan terms and/or lease terms, you can also negotiate those terms here. We are letting you finalize monthly installment for now. We use same formulas for calculating monthly installment as other well known tools/sites.

A. If a dealership has included those options while uploading a car deal, we let you negotiate the complete bundle. However, dealerships and you can discuss and purchase additional options directly.

A. Yes. RoboNegotiator Engine (AI chatbot) can be also installed on your own website, and we allow redirection from RoboNegotiator to your own website if you prefer that way.

A. In Seller’s Dashboard, we provide you various counters – View Counter (how many times your car was seen by a website visitor), Engagements (Number of times user clicked on Negotiate button for your car). We also share offer statistics details along with buyer’s details and amount details in case buyer chose to be contacted by the seller.

FAQ for Sellers

A. RoboNegotiator helps you make money by cutting down your marketing cost, lead generation cost and sales cost. We want you to make money by reducing cost and not by reducing profit. We get more buyers to your doorsteps.

1) Some buyers don’t want to deal with the sales staff and want to buy from home. We appeal those.
2) Big ticket item like cars always have a wiggle room / negotiation/ haggling. We automate this process in neutral way.  Buyers and Sellers both should be winners at the end.
3) Some buyers don’t like spamming or constant emails/ phone calls/ texting so we provide them ease of doing business.
4) As a seller, you get qualified lead along with offer details as long as buyer has agreed to share his/her data.
5) We have a “Smart Buyers Group”  – a group of savvy buyers who want to negotiate. We pitch your cars/products in front of them.

A. We let you list or sell your car for free of charge while letting you control the price and negotiation rules. You can define price range and we will engage buyers and sell within your deal terms. You can also negotiate directly with them via email/text in certain cases. It is free for limited time.

A. No. Once you commit to sell in certain price range, it is not recommended to back out from the deal.  Your reviews and subsequent business will be impacted. 

On other hand, buyer has a choice to inspect a car in person and decide. 

A. Until buyer inspects the car and writes a contract to lease/ purchase a car, car is officially not sold.  Legal laws prevent us to delist that car too. Some buyers may agree to the price but they may back out after physical inspection or test drive. 

A. Yes. We have AI Price Recommendation tool which allows you to see market suggested price based on 10-12 factors and you can decide your sales price based on our suggested tool.

A. Yes. We have integrated with vAuto and other inventory tools so we can import your inventory in bulk on a daily basis (even more often) to our Marketplace.  We also provide Age based rules wizard so you can define special RoboNegotiator deal price for all your inventory together.

You are required by law to notify DMV within five calendar days from the date you sell or transfer the title or interest in your vehicle, and deliver possession of the vehicle to another owner.

FAQ for Buyers

A. We believe that our buyer should have a say in the purchase. Buyers need to save money while sellers make their money. We cut down marketing, sales and lead generation cost for the sellers. 

1) You buy a car or any product essentially below the listing price. You save.
2) Ease of doing business. We let you purchase the car from home without talking to any sales person. No need to search many websites. 
3) Negotiation is difficult task but essential. We do it neutrally without any cost to you.
4) No spam experience – Unless you disagree, your contact details, counteroffer for a car all remain with us and hence you can be assured of no repetitive phone calls or emails from the dealers.

A. We want smart and savvy buyers to have their say while purchasing big ticket items like cars.  We believe, once we have a sizable community, we will be able to convince more dealerships and online sellers to offer special deals through RoboNegotiator.  

We will inform all these deals and new sellers in our monthly communication to you.

A. You commit to the price and once you agree to the price, we introduce you to the seller. We recommend going to the seller at the earliest before someone else finishes the remaining formalities. Certain state laws prevent dealers to hold the car until contract is written.

A. If you didn’t like the car in physical inspection, you can always back out from the deal. However, we recommend you to commit and finish all remaining formalities sooner so you get the best reviews as well from the seller.

A. It depends. Depending on the market condition, desired volume, cost of the product, seller may or may not negotiate.  As we have seen in real business, most sellers especially selling a big ticket item usually negotiates. 

A. Yes, we have a tool with a dummy product where you can practice and get feedback on your negotiation capability.