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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I own Automotive Dealership and/or Online E*Commerce Store (Website) to sell products/services through online catalog. Do I care for RoboNegotiator products(s)/service?

A. Price plays an important role in conversion rate.  Coupons/Discounts/Special Sales all are proofs that buyers want the best price.  We provide tools and technologies which enhances your website.  They allow your customers to do more things on their own.  It frees up your sales staff to do more meaningful things your business/customers expect them to do.  We expedite and automate price bargaining, haggling, negotiation without the presence of your sales staff and we follow the guidelines set-up by you.  We truly automate your sales operation and increase your sales volume (conversion).

Q. I have a sales staff and dedicated negotiator(s) for my company? Why should I use RoboNegotiator?

A. If you can afford a dedicated sales team, negotiators, and if your web site conversion is high (at listed price), you should not deploy a software-based virtual sales agent.  We automate price negotiations while providing additional data analytics.  We increase sales and engage your customers when they visit your website.

Q. You seem to be acting in an “unbiased” way which is surely good for my customers/buyer/visitors. How does it help me?

A. Online buyers are well-informed users and they shop around and know what they want and at what price. We believe that we are “unbiased” which attracts them to open up more while purchasing your products. Your conversion rate (sales volume) and profitability (sales revenue) depend on how you configure RoboNegotiator on your site. Currently, we provide unbiased mode as default but if you want we can change our algorithm to take care of profit margin (at the cost of conversion) or conversion (at the cost of profit margin). You decide and we will be there to help you.

Q. In my automotive dealership, the majority of my customers and online visitors want to do one of three things. 1) Negotiate/Buy at a full price 2) Negotiate/Define Lease Deals and 3) Finance the vehicle with the best possible options/lowest monthly installment. Can RoboNegotiator help in all three?

A. Yes. RoboNegotiator Virtual Salesbot can negotiate automatically on full vehicle price (Used Car or New Car), Negotiate with buyers interested in leasing the vehicle or it can also negotiate monthly installment premium with buyers interested in financing the purchase.  By the way, our negotiation system automatically applies OEM rebates/Incentives while closing the deal with the buyers

Q. Do I really save on commissions? Does RoboNegotiator integrate in my own website/mobile app? How do you charge?

A. RoboNegotiator is a subscription-based service. You pay based on our monthly subscription plans to operate it through your own website. RoboNegotiator Increases conversion and automates sales while charging you a monthly fee. Whether you sell one car or 100 cars using it, you pay a flat price.

Q. What kind of data intelligence, market intelligence, artificial intelligence your solution provides? How does it help me as a seller?

A. Since we engage buyers and sellers through their own websites, we collect lots of data on buying behavior, negotiation tactics, and market/competition data through various APIS and our home-grown tools.  Our Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence System churn all these data to provide you business insight, negotiation prediction/forecasting, and other pricing strategy related tools and reports.

Q. Where can I get more information about the product? Can you provide me the demo? Do you have a free beta period when I can try this software?

A. Yes. You can reach out to us through our website (Contact Us) or send us an email at and one of our sales associate will love to discuss and demo you our products/services. We also have FREE BETA promotion for handful of early adopters.

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