Ultimate Booking Negotiation Solution

Our simple six step process guides the customer through the negotiation process keeping interested customers on your site, delivering more bookings, better rates, and better end-to-end customer service experience.

Features & Benefits

Drive Direct Bookings

Higher probability to move inventory with optimized customer negotiations.

Automate and close the booking onsite faster instead of through outside third-party aggregators.

Control Your Bookings

Keeps potential customer on your site for more direct insights, bookings, and better service.

Stop paying too much for expensive third part leads and keep customer on your website longer for more conversions at better rates

Reduce Unsold Inventory

Gets excess inventory working for you by selling at a higher price than other lowest price third-party aggregator or auction sites.

Seamless System Integrations

Connect with your property’s preferred website provider, booking management systems, hospitality management, reputation management, concierge, and channel management software and more!

Our development team is available for personalized consulting to streamline your properties workflows and avoid any business disruptions.







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