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Automotive Dealership

This Unprecedented situation threatens to stall revenue growth in the near future and you cannot overlook one of the most important criteria for product selection – Pricing. 


RoboNegotiators solutions use AI and smart data science to give your business an added advantage over your competition. Create wining sales negotiation strategies ensuring superior customer experience.


E-commerce Industry

With the Covid-19 hit, the e-commerce industry has already seen the all-time low in last 8 years, the sales pipeline has shrunk thin with minimal sales but there is opportunity post-pandemic phase which requires the e-commerce businesses to be proactive in maintaining stakeholder confidence and giving them more value for their money.

RoboNegotiator acts as a facilitator to make sure that your stakeholders have another channel of unbiased negotiations which is in the best interest of the company and the customers.

Business Services

Service-based businesses are known for their endless search for fresh ways to grow business and with current squeezed sales you need to understand how to add a channel that is universal expected and yet ignored.


RoboNegotiator’s AI-enabled software assists your sales team to drive for operational excellence by being experts and not just sales representative. Even in these tough times it can make sure of your sustainable growth.

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