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Automobile  Dealership

The Auto-dealership industry, before the pandemic, was already on the path of change to a smart, connected, online and uninterrupted business model.

The market was witnessing a never-seen-before transformation already. With Big giants like Tesla, Carvana, Vroom and more, developing game-changing products and services disrupting the market, the dealerships were left with no alternative but to engage in using new ways to better customer experience – getting conditional buy-in and delivering the car to customer’s home for a final test-drive, delivery and payment. And now post-pandemic- COVID 19 every dealership would have to start blossoming again in this space by providing trusted and innovative services to their customers.

This is where we come in, as we have crafted a custom solution that will assist your Sales team to provide that enhanced service which gives your customers a delightful experience.

Automobile Industries Need

Custom Solutions for Sales Automation Process -Automotive Retail

Dealership Website Revamping, Mobile app based Negotiation
  • Redesigning your website with 15 parameters that impacts buyer decision online, Automated chatbot
  • Deal Walk-ins with our futuristic QR code generator and negotiation app
Expedited & Emotion Free Negotiations
  • Software based closing OR Salesperson assisted negotiations
  • Your sales team negotiating with customers via texts & emails
Automated Negotiations based on Dealer's Preferences
  • AI driven automated deal closing as per your configured parameters
  • Data driven decision making and reporting
  • Takes care of OEM rebates & Manufacturers discounts

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How it works for your Dealership?

We curated a software based, AI–driven matching and negotiation service (NaaS) that connects your website to the prospective buyer online to automatically close special price deals using neutral negotiation.

  • You decide the models, quantity and target selling price from your inventory. RoboNegotiator brings in consumers ready to pay higher than the TSP for the selected inventory via series of negotiating conversations.
  • Our patent pending, AI driven algorithm filters non serious buyers while generating leads for your sales team.
  • Your sales team can focus as product experts and can define negotiation rules, parameters and applicable discounts.
  • The negotiation process follows systematic, neutral and anonymous methodology and post a successful match the parties will be introduced for finalizing remaining logistics.
  • Solutions provided for both remote buyers and walkins.
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