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A huge population of the world focuses on saving money in every transaction. The methodology, areas of sacrifice, and intensity of savings might vary from one persona to another, but the intention is, however, the same. Is it possible to leverage this need for savings into creating a better negotiation and marketing strategy for your sales automation software?


Cost-oriented algorithm for sales automation software

sales automation software is capable of deriving correlations between metrics and statistics to generate user-oriented information. This user-oriented information boosts the speed of negotiation towards sales, as it has a higher probability of tuning into the customer’s buying behavior. It is possible to make the software offer cost-oriented statistics and data to guide the negotiation.

For instance, a customer looking for a specific model car would already be familiar with the car’s costs in all top car dealerships in the locality. Thus, offering some random price or a market-standard price isn’t enough. A negotiator bot can generate correlations between the maintenance cost, mileage, initial costs, and others for every model. Beyond the features and popularity of the model, the bot can steer the conversation towards how much the customer would save in the future by choosing the product today.

Use sales automation software to sell packaged deals

A customer’s sense of savings can be utilized to sell your product in a packaged deal. A packaged deal is usually a combination of your product and exclusive services. For instance, an autotrader USA company can sell a car along with a yearly maintenance check, initial mechanic guarantee, spare parts, and others. The customer would have already surfed about the average market price of the product on the internet. Thus, it is not easy to sway a customer with features of the product.

However, packaged deals are one-of-a-kind. The sales automation software can analyze the type of customer within the first few interactions. Based on the persona, the software can offer different packaged deals. For instance, if your customer is the type that chooses to save money and enjoy more features, the packaged deal that should be offered should include the product along with exclusive accessories.

Offer consolidated information using the sales automation software

An AI-powered negotiation bot can generate information from multiple sources to offer decision-making information to the client. During a negotiation, when a party shares information essential for the other party, trust is generated, and this pushes the negotiation towards sales. Thus, one should use such a software to derive information about the product’s cost from multiple sources and offer a clear analysis.

For instance, the bot can generate data from the best online car buying sites to show the market average, the features offered in other options, and why the packaged deal that you are offering is superior.

A continuum of product packages 

Have you ever seen software websites? It would have different versions for small companies, medium ones, and larger corporates. There would be a varying cost and features for each model, allowing the customers to choose the right product. Such a categorization allows the customers to believe that a certain category suits them. A cost-oriented customer would feel that he is saving a considerable amount of money by choosing the low-cost option.

Good sales automation software can pick the right category for the customers based on their information. Remember that this style of marketing needs certain transparency and relevancy. The low-cost model should be genuinely cost-effective, with some sacrifices in terms of features.

The deadline – fear of missing out tactics

A customer with a sense of savings would fear missing out on a great deal. Thus, always provide offers with a limited time constraint. For instance, your products will be on a discounted sale for just 48 hours. This time constraint would make the customers calculate the loss induced by missing out on the opportunity. This fear of a deadline is a good motivator for inducing impulse buying.

Using AI negotiation bots to attract cost-oriented customers

Last but not least, offering a low-cost product is an ultimate way of capturing the attention of a cost-oriented customer. You could either cut down your product cost to offer a relatively low-priced product or cut down your other overheads in making that said sale. Thereby, you are making it possible to cut down your product’s prices without shortening your margin.

According to a study by Accenture Digital, 57% of the businesses accept that using bots allows their business to get better ROI with very minimal input. Since the business receives better ROI from little input, it becomes possible to reduce the inventory price beyond your competitor’s capability, driving in the cost-oriented customer crowd.Our negotiation-enabled sales automation software RoboNegotiatorcan handle that crowd without increasing the overheads.

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