What is
RoboNegotiator /NaaS TM ?

RoboNegotiator is a Negotiation As a service (NaaS) software – that installs in  any seller’s website or mobile application. We have a chatbot that can be installed on  their website too.

It generates qualified leads and helps in increasing online sales while reducing the sales cost. Buyers save time and money while protecting their privacy concerns.

We also provide secured APIs so sellers can integrate our service directly into their applications or websites.

  • It automatically engages your price-conscious visitors.
  • You decide when to accept or decline their counteroffers.
  • Adaptable with manual negotiations over SMS/Email when permitted.
  •  AI/ Machine Learning based intelligent software automates and smooths the sales process.

How it works in
The Marketplace?

How RoboNegotiator Works
on Your Website

We provide the AI enabled NaaS (Negotiation As A Service) software
plugin that gets installed in your site and entices buyers to
counteroffer. Close more deals 24×7!

Integrate RoboNegotiator Plug-in OR APIs in your website through our Developers

Decide the button name and cars to be sold through RoboNegotiator along with sales rules.

Get matched with a buyer and negotiate over email/text when necessary

Finish remaining formalities with the buyer (payment, delivery)

How RoboNegotiator negotiates?


Cars uploaded and details
listed on our growing marketplace.


Seller decides the price. rebates, incentives, finance deals. We follow their rules/directions.


RoboNegotiator engages an online visitor and gets a counteroffer and acts on it based on zones defined above.

How RoboNegotiator negotiates? With Example

  • Let’s say – Auto dealership wants to sell a car between $23,000-$22,000.
  • We market and engage customers to provide their counteroffers.
    Possibility 1: Customer offers above $22,000
    RoboNegotiator will close the deal automatically, generate the voucher and will introduce two parties.
    Possibility 2: Customer offers little less than $22000 (let’s say within 10%)
    Buyer and Seller Representative negotiate via emails/texts and decide the outcome. No need to meet anyone in person.
    Possibility 3: Customer offers a lower price which is not worth salesperson’s time.
    Customer’s offer is considered too low to both a salesperson so we decline respectfully and offer another car as an alternative.


  • We generate Business Intelligence Reports and also send qualified leads for the sellers when buyers have chosen to be contacted.
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How AI predicts price for my car?