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Do B2B and B2C need to have different sales strategies for finding a low-cost and effective way to boost sales?

A customer, whether he is a brand representative or an individual, is a customer. Why do we need to think of a different low-cost and efficient sales strategies to boost sales? If you choose to adopt the strategy that works for a luxury-loving client to sell to a cost-conscious client, you will fail. When sales strategies have to alter even between personas, it is obvious that B2B and B2C need unique selling tactics.


Lead pool and how it affects your low-cost and effective sales strategies to boost sales

In simple terms, the lead pool is the set of people who have the potential or need to buy your product. For instance, let’s take used car deals. A $5000 beat-down car has a large lead pool, as anyone who needs a basic car and has $5000 to spare is your audience. If you wish to broaden this pool, add a mechanic certification, stereo set, a good set of wheels, and you’re set.

However, when you add on to your product, the lead pool shrinks while dealing with a B2B business. Each car dealers USA company has a specific requirement. The company would not change it because you offer a unique feature instead of what’s on their checklist.

Thus, the blanket approach, which is the best low-cost and effective sales strategies to boost sales in a B2C business, does not work with B2B business. You need to have a specific product with to-the-dot specifications for each business.


The emotional factor is not a low-cost and effective sales tactics to boost sales in B2B

How do you pitch a product/service/idea to your client? The similarities between B2B and B2C pitches are accurate specifications, quality, and transparency. However, it would be a moot point to use emotional factors like family-friendly cars, chic-and-stylish cars, or others while dealing with a B2B sales process.

It is common for businesses to use AI negotiation bots as part of their sales strategies to understand the customers based on their buying behaviors, demographic factors, etc. They use the data to derive the right emotional phrases that would make the product the right fit for their requirements.

However, such flowery descriptions would not work when your client is a business. Since it is not a personal purchase, the customer will look only into the profit aspect and nothing more. Thus, it would help if you had a low-cost and effective way to boost sales by triggering his need to make a profit.


How product description alters the low-cost and effective sales strategies to boost sales?

While explaining your product, the specifications are essential. A small mistake in either mileage or engine specification while selling for sale used cars would break the trust, leading to no possibility of a trade deal. May it be a family or a business client; he knows the product very well. The internet is an open book that allows your buyers to know your product as much as your best salesman.

The difference in sales strategies is the depth of knowledge about these specifications. In B2C sales, a dealer for used cars for sale in USA needs to explain the engine’s specifications, horsepower, spare part requirements, and more. In the case of B2B business, where the dealer is about to sell ten cars or more to one of the best online car buying sites, these specifications require a deeper insight.

They need information about the spare parts’ price range, the hardware quality, and material used for each part; some might even need a criminal background check on your cars.


The headcount involved or governing the sales decision

Say, a family walks into one of the largest car dealership groups in the city. When they decide upon a car, it would be the decision of four people with similar economic background, budget, likes/dislikes, and similar decision-making process. Thus, the salesman has to portray the car to the adults and the teenager to look promising for both for it to be a good sales strategies.

However, when it comes to a B2B business, a large team of stakeholders of varying mindset, mission, and unique buying behaviors might be involved. When a couple of family members like the product, there is a very high chance for the others to cave. However, it is a battle of pride when it comes to the board of stakeholders.

According to Brent Adamson, Gartner’s executive advisor, in B2B sales, the average number of stakeholders taking part in the decision is 6.8. Thus, the decision-making process is complex, long, and could go haywire even at the last minute.

Factors affecting your low-cost and effective sales strategies to boost sales

When it comes to B2C sales, the factors affecting your sales are pretty straightforward. The top factors include product, economic status, age, and price. There could be emotional factors involved in the buying decision. However, globalization, oil price change, labor market alteration, business policy, and organizational culture change are some of the numerous indirect and direct factors affecting B2B sales, including the factors mentioned above – product, price, and others.


Negotiation style and win-win situation

A win-win situation for a B2C business is where both make a profit, either in terms of monetary value or product quality. However, when an autotrader USA company plans to sell a batch of automobiles to a company, the negotiation style alters.

One has to look at a B2B negotiation as an investment. The win-win situation might be when the seller gets a loyal, long-term partnership with a little profit and the other party mainly picks a situation where the return on investment is higher. The negotiation tactics for B2B and B2C are quite different. That is why many companies that deal with both B2B and B2C either use two different sales task forces or adopt AI negotiation tools for the website.

The underlying expectation of any low-cost and effective sales strategies to boost sales is getting a profit. The purchase behavior and negotiation process are always dynamic, and one has to be very alert during the entire process. This is where an AI negotiation bot aces the test and can adapt to either situation to get your great results. A lost customer, either an individual or a company, is a huge loss of the business, and RoboNegotiator’s bot can save you from such losses.

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