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While RoboNegotiator has a loftier vision to disrupt complex business negotiations via automation, we have started the journey by laying down the foundation for sellers and buyers to expedite and automate negotiation through our software.

Our goal is to give modern e-commerce a traditional touch of dealing and in the process get the best online deals for the buyer and seller at a price each of them wants, with the least hassle possible.

We plan on achieving this with our patent-pending auto-pilot negotiation software (Virtual Sales-bot) which leads to:

Reduced Inventory & Increased Sales

Sales Automation – 24/7 availability

Artificial Intelligence & Business Insight

Whether you are selling specific products or services, it is important that your expected buyers get all the information about your products on your websites.  Once they like your products, they would want to know the price/cost.  60% buyers don’t buy products because of pricing issues and that’s where negotiation ability at the first touchpoint comes handy.

We provide a virtual sales-bot/ plugin for your products and services to help you increase your sales and cut down your sales cost through automation. All of these products indirectly help you get the additional data analytics and business intelligence.

Self-Serve Website

We are well aware that today a website should be easy to use for your potential buyers and our team has the expertise to assist you in creating a website that connects to your buyers in a way that it entices them to take a buying decision.

Buyer Perspective- We will help you convert your website, so your buyers get all the information in one place. We recently revamped an automobile website and added 15 dimensions of the buyer’s requirements on it.

Productize your strengths- We all have certain strengths and we need to market those strengths in the form of a catalog so that people who want to capitalize on it can buy them online. We are changing the “Equity Offering” industry by showcasing their strengths in an innovative way.

Virtual Sales-bot/Negotiator Plugin

Automated/ Live Negotiation with Buyers – We provide various plugins (Virtual Salesperson) that go in your own websites and mobile applications to enable automated negotiations. Sellers define products, quantity, target sell-price and negotiation rules/ parameters and discounts and we do the rest.

Examples:  Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart, Magento and more

Salesperson-assisted Negotiation – In case sellers want real person to negotiate directly with the customers, we expedite negotiations through emailing and text messaging so your buyers can negotiate price emotion free and remotely from the comfort of their home/office.

QR Code Generator/Negotiator Mobile App

Considering the future of retail and even e-commerce, we have developed a mobile app for your customers to negotiate with you via the click of a button by scanning QR codes. Our application allows you as a seller to upload a special deal and generate a QR code for your products and then your buyers can check your products in-person, scan and pay using their mobile phones after successful negotiations with our virtual sales-bot/negotiator.

How Automated Negotiation as a Service (NaaS) Works?

  • Integrate our Patent-pending AI-based software (Virtual Sales–bot/Negotiator) into the product catalog of your website and mobile application.
  • Upload Your Special Deals -You decide products, quantity, and minimum selling price (MSP).
  • Configure Your Negotiation Parameters /Rules & Define Discounts – You will have complete control over the prices.
  • Buyer Matching & Negotiation Phase – The online Negotiation phase via our AI-based chat system.
  • Connect with Buyer –  Sales-bot introduces both parties to execute the transaction with remaining formalities.

For more information on the various plugins available, visit “Integrate With Us

Upcoming Marketplace

We understand that you want to try selling your products/services via negotiation method before you integrate this technology into your own websites or mobile applications. We have created a marketplace for sellers to list and sell your products. We will introduce buyers matching your deals (minimum sell price) for Free.

The marketplace is in the Beta testing phase and would be live soon.

Advantages of RoboNegotiator

Faster conversions, lower customer acquisition costs and a more efficient sales process.
Achieve a state of Operational Excellence
Provide buyers an additional option who would have otherwise walked away from your website.
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