RoboNegotiator History

Dave and Gary were frustrated by the steep drop in the level of service from traditional in-person negotiations to fast and easy online ordering and delivery. They wanted a win-win negotiation service where seller and both win at the end.

They disliked that in our modern online world they still were having to struggle with long and tedious negotiations for big ticket items like cars or even just haggling over smaller items on bidding sites.

RoboNegotiator was created to bridge this gap and Negotiation as a Service (NaaS) was born.

RoboNegotiator - Overview

RoboNegotiator - Video

RoboNegotiator is a Negotiation as a Service (NaaS) software based on secure APIs that installs in seller’s website or mobile application. 

It generates qualified leads and helps in increasing online sales while reducing the sales cost.

Buyers and sellers both save time and money while trading through RoboNegotiator.

Our Management Team
Decades of Technology, Industry Vertical & Growth Experience

Dave Shah

Co-Founder & CTO

Gary Phillips

Co-Founder & COO

Mitchell Kudler

Advisor, Automotive

Nick Hoffmeyer


How it works

RoboNegotiator provides APIs or Plug-in for the websites AND Independent Marketplace where seller can upload special deals. Our smart buyers will be looking for more.

Automotive Industry

RoboNegotiator can be applied to many industries but we have focused on automotive industry for now. You can negotiate for a new car or for an old car.  

Other Industries

Negotiation is common for any big ticket product or service. We use patent pending NaaS between buyers and sellers for win-win negotiations. We work across Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, PHP and many technology stacks. Integrate and see the difference.