Our Vision

  • We want to offer hassle-free car buying experience to all online car buyers.
  • Final price will be a win-win price where seller and buyer both are happy. 
  • We want local dealerships to provide best buying experience and similarly best car owning experience (through service and other maintenance needs).
  • We want to protect the privacy of our car buyers. We don’t share car buyers information with the seller until it is required. Buyers have a choice not to share their contact details with the car sellers. 
  • Dealerships don’t need to fight among other car dealerships. Make your profit while being transparent to car buyers.  
  • We want to save time for car buyers at the dealerships and similarly we want to save time for car salespersons when buyer is not serious.
  • Dealerships should be able to offer all other services (F&I options) to car buyers. 
  • In eCommerce, we want to give buyer a third choice. Currently they buy at a full price or walk away. We want them to be able to name their price is price is the issue. 

RoboNegotiator Products

AI/NLP Based Virtual Sales Assistant (Sales bot)

Now auto dealerships can integrate our APIs or plugin in their  website and offer same hassle-free buying experience to their own website visitors.  Save in lead generation and sales cost while selling more.


Discover our new or used cars catalog and finalize the deal  remotely. No need to talk to any salesperson. Your privacy is our focus.

Facebook Messenger

Auto Dealerships can engage their buyers through our automated Facebook messenger based chatbot.  No need to hire human operators/BDC. Engage your Facebook community and let them learn about services, parts and sales. We sell in automated way too.

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Target Industries


Digital Retailing is common nowadays. We offer Digital Retailing, Make Me An Offer and Sales Automation (AI based Q&A).


With only 5-7% conversion, it is proven that e-Commerce buyers get two choices. Buy at a full price or walk away. Now give your buyers a third choice.

Real Estate

Time is money as they say and we all are aware how time consuming and torturous the negotiation process is. We are here to change how we buy or sell homes.

RoboNegotiator – Video

Robonegotiator is a negotiation as as service (NaaS) software based on secure APIs that installs in seller’s website or mobile application.
It generates qualified leads and helps in increasing online sales while reducing the sales cost.
Buyers and sellers both save time and money while rading through RoboNegotiater.

How It Works

  • You decide cars/VINs, deal terms and button name to show to your online car buyers. We can enable button only for specific cars.
  • You can optionally define rebates/incentives, lease options, protection plans (or other upsell options) and loan terms too.
  • You are sent a voucher (with deal terms) or you get engaged in faceless negotiations if required. 
  • Honor the voucher and finish remaining formalities in person. Write contract, collect payment and deliver the car. 
  • Search and decide the car/VIN you want to purchase.
  • You can ask questions about that specific car to our software (no sales person involved). 
  • Decide what rebates you are qualified for and choose additional purchase options you want for peace of your mind. You can find trade in valuation too for your current car to be traded.
  • Depending on cash/ lease/ loan option, select what you want to use and optionally negotiate too. Finalize the car price online. 
  • When we reach mutually acceptable price, print the voucher and take it to the car seller/dealer and finish remaining formalities.