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Why don’t customers purchase cars like they buy products on Amazon or Groupon, even with an AI sales bot?

The AI sales bot on Amazon recommends a product list based on your search history and preferences. You pick the one you like, click on ‘add to cart,’ and the product reaches you with no complications. Or, the bot on Groupon would suggest you coupons based on the geographical location and your preferences. You click on a coupon, claim it at the vendor site, and enjoy your discounts. This might sound simple, but it is not possible if you are talking about used car deals or new car purchases.


How pricing affects how AI sales bots work?

No one cares about your credit score while buying an e-book from Amazon. However, while talking about used car deals or first-hand purchases, credit scores become vital. Since cars are expensive, it is impossible to have an impulse buying spree.

However, AI sales bots can offer interesting reports, statistics, and comparison metrics to induce the buying behavior, fastening the deal towards purchase. But, even the top AI sales bots like Robonegotiator cannot turn a customer who walked in to buy shoes to buy a Honda car.

AI sales bots influencing factors involved in the purchase

If you are buying a TV from Amazon, the specifications and brand quality are the only factors to consider. However, while dealing with for sale used car, there are numerous factors like physical appearance (dents and scratches), mileage, spare part availability, engine condition, amount of economic years left, etc.

If a business wishes to provide such resources about a model, it is best to offer comparative reports between two models about these metrics, compare prices, and also provide the basic specification details.

It is not plausible to list down all these data on-page for every model. A too clustered website would increase the bounce rate. Thus, it becomes imperative to deploy an AI sales bot that offers customized reports on-demand based on customers’ requirements and real-time data.

The Franchise Law

The Franchise Law of America does not allow any vendor to sell a new car other than the manufacturer or the car dealerships with approval from the manufacturer. So, if your business plans to acquire authorization from all dealers to create an inventory like Amazon, it would cost a massive amount of capital. Moreover, franchise law from each state would be different.

Testing products

Even the best VR platforms will not give the best experience of a test drive. The need to walk into a traditional store is coupled with the physical touch of the leather car seat, the luxury ambiance inside the car, and test driving. Thus, instant buying of a car, like buying a phone, is not possible.

The photo-realistic online car configuration could be a good resource for the customers. You can deploy AI sales bots to induce customers into choosing a model and price, but the final deal completes with a physical walk-in.

However, it is possible to induce such a buying environment with a state-of-art negotiating AI sales bot, interactive sales platform, high-quality inventory, and a credible reputation.

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Dhaval Shah